Each year over 1,000 Australians die overseas. Not to mention the number who die in Australia and live abroad.

When this happens, families are faced with added stress and anxiety about what to do. There is considerable paperwork required plus other requirements that need to be met in order to have their loved one returned to their place of origin. In addition to this, trying to navigate a country’s mandatory regulations is challenging at the best of times let alone when you’ve just lost someone.

The three most common reasons for repatriation are:

  • Wanting the deceased to be laid to rest in their homeland
  • Having the deceased laid to rest near family
  • Meeting the exact cultural or religious needs regarding their remains


Repatriation experience is essential

Choosing a funeral director who has vast expertise in repatriations is essential.

At InvoCare, all funeral homes in the network are part of a leading international provider of funeral, cemetery, crematoria, and related services. These experienced funeral directors are located across Australia to assist families with all repatriation arrangements to any country in the world and interstate within Australia.

Being an international company, our funeral homes are connected to trusted funeral service providers all over the world.  Our funeral directors are experienced in navigating all relevant state and federal government departments, together with the Consul-General requirements of overseas countries.


Need help now?

If you are seeking immediate assistance, please contact the team at Funeral Planner. We will help align you to the InvoCare funeral home in your area that best suits your needs.




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Interstate repatriation of deceased

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International repatriation of deceased to Australia

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Repatriation of deceased to an overseas country

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