Eulogy examples

It’s a complete honour to be asked to deliver a eulogy at a funeral to tribute the life lost. However, writing a eulogy (or funeral speech) then standing up at the funeral to deliver the eulogy can be one of the most difficult tasks we may ever have to do.

Writing any speech is difficult at the best of times. Writing one that is articulate and meaningful intensifies when we're feeling the grief that follows a death. Add in the extra pressure of a deadline to write the perfect speech on very short notice and often during a time that may be busy already with arrangements. Often there is a struggle on how to start the first words, or what to say that will be meaningful to your loved one, yourself and others.

These sample eulogies are here to help inspire you. They will give you some direction for the eulogy you are about to write. By reading these eulogy examples you might find they help lessen the burden of putting pen to paper and give you a starting point to start off your own collection of thoughts and ideas on what to say.

To read the examples click on the below:

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