Social Media Terms of Use

Social Media is a great place for you to share your experiences, opinions and thoughts on our services, products and community activities, and on the funeral industry sector in general, and is an excellent way to communicate with us. We will also use Social Media to provide you with updates and news about Funeral Planner and raise awareness about issues affecting the industry.

We aim to respond, when required, to anything you post as soon as possible during business hours (8.30am-5.30pm, Monday-Friday excl. public holidays), but bear with us if you've asked a tricky question which requires further investigation and consultation to ensure we provide you with the correct information. And that can take a little longer.


Our Rules

Funeral Planner have the following rules to ensure that engaging with us through Social Media is appropriate and does not cause unwarranted harm to our position as an industry leader in Australia, New Zealand and south-east Asia.

Our general policy is to maintain transparency and not to delete your comments – even if they’re critical of Funeral Planner, however, there are a few reasons we may take down your posts. These include:

If your post may offend anyone – that means no swearing, racist, sexist or otherwise derogatory or defamatory comments. We cannot allow content – or links to content – that could be considered offensive, obscene, threatening, or otherwise not appropriate for an audience of all ages.

If your post attacks another contributor or a Funeral Planner staff member – please raise issues you believe affect Funeral Planner and its Employees without naming names. This also means no posting accusations and allegations of crimes or misconduct that may be defamatory. If you need to report an organisation you believe is engaged in unethical activity, you should do so via the appropriate channels.

If you flood our feed with content, making it hard for others to get a word in – we are enthused for you to make your point and engage with Funeral Planner or anyone else in polite, informed and continued discussion, but we will not allow anyone to flood our sites. We want there to be room for everyone to comment.

If you post information that may endanger your privacy – it is never a good idea to share anyone's personal information (for example phone numbers, private email addresses, family photos) on public websites, and if we think you've posted something others may abuse, we will take it down to protect you or them.

If your post is off-topic - we like to keep the discussion focused, so please make sure your contributions are relevant to the issue at hand. That goes for advertising too – we will not accept spam or posts that are trying to advertise on our page. Multiple, duplicated or repetitive posts that are not relevant to the purpose of our social media may be taken down.

Be respectful to our competitors – as the industry leader, we always maintain the highest standards of behaviour. Our Social Media Channels will not be used to make any inappropriate comments about other funeral industry providers and community partners, nor will they be tolerated.

One more thing: while everyone is free and welcome to post links to their own or other websites, the fact that they are on our site does not mean we endorse them or take any responsibility for the accuracy of the content on those sites. Those deemed as spam or off-topic will be removed.

The same goes for our 'Shares' on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ and 'Re-tweets' on Twitter. We enjoy participating on the social media landscape by interacting with other organisations in these ways, but that does not reflect any legal or regulatory preference for them on our part. If we re-tweet or share a post by an organisation, the fact that we shared their content in the past is in no way evidence that we endorsed any illegal activity. We share all content in good faith.

While we support lively, open discussion, we reserve the right to block any users who do not comply with our rules, or who are otherwise deemed to be behaving inappropriately or simply trolling Social Media sites to cause distress to others.

We look forward to reading your posts!

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