Why pre-plan your funeral

Have you given any thought as to how you want to be remembered? What kind of legacy you would like to leave? Did you leave footprints through your talents at work or leave impactful memories with your kindness and thoughtfulness of others?

Discussing the highs and re-living the achievements of your life with those you hold dearest could be a wonderful experience, as well as provide loved ones with a level of comfort in knowing that when the time comes, they’ll have given you the respectful send-off you deserve. It can be incredibly rewarding to imagine some of the more intricate, finer details that pre-planning a funeral can offer.

Have you had the conversation with your loved ones about what you’d like to happen when you pass away? Are you waiting for the right time? There might never be a convenient time to have this conversation, but what if there was another way. Where Instead of looking at the certainty of death with fear, we changed the dialogue to one where we were the masters of how the story of our life would be told? Where we took control of how our life was celebrated with the refinement and acknowledgment it deserves.

Pre-planning for your funeral can ease the pressure and decisions faced by your loved ones. At the same time, it allows you to direct and manage the way you’d like to be remembered. Pre-planning your funeral can be a great way to show the people you care about most how much you love them.


What is a pre-planned funeral?

Sometimes referred to as prearranging, pre-planning a funeral is a way to communicate your wishes for a funeral in advance so that when the time comes, a loved one or family member can honour your life.  When you pre-plan, you specify your wishes so that your loved ones will know exactly how to honour your life, legacy and your memory.

Pre-planning your decisions can alleviate the emotional stress and range from the type of funeral or burial you want, what type of ceremony you prefer, and the way in which you’d like it to be carried out. If it is important to you that your family are looked after once you’re gone, pre-planning can be one way to ensure this. Pre-planning can be as simple or as detailed as you like. For example, what readings and/or prayers are read might be more important to you than what flowers are arranged.


Benefits of planning ahead

Planning a funeral can be an overwhelming process. Funeral directors spend around 2 hours with a family member when a loved one has passed away. Added pressures at a time of grief can cause stress and may not allow them to create the service they’d have liked to honour your legacy. With up to 80 different questions that need to be answered, ensuring your family know how to respond to these questions will allow them time and space to grieve at a time they’ll need it most.


Pre-planning your funeral will:

  • Allow you to make decisions concerning your funeral in your own time
  • Give you peace of mind to know that your affairs are in order and your wishes will be carried out as planned
  • Alleviate uncertainty
  • Lift financial and emotional pressure from the shoulders of your family and/or friends
  • Control the cost of the funeral by choosing only the services and products that mean the most to you
  • Allow your family to spend more time together offering each other comfort, support, and love at a time when they need it most
  • Help avoid arguments between family members. The loss of a loved one is a trying time and emotions can tend to run high. Big decisions can become the source of frustration and stress
  • Ensure a meaningful funeral. A proper send-off provides a sense of closure and enables the family to begin the healing process.
  • Document specific preferences for your remains and your funeral ceremony
  • Show the people you love that you’re still thinking of their best interests. Taking care of your funeral arrangements is a thoughtful and caring thing to do for your family.

To get started planning your wishes, download our easy to follow free Funeral Organiser.


Do I need to pay for my funeral at the same time as I plan it?

There is no payment required to pre-plan. Planning your funeral can be a separate matter from financing it and you can always consider your payment options later.

A prepaid funeral allows you to pay in advance to financially secure your funeral plans at today’s prices.

If you have planned the details of your funeral, you might decide that the next logical step would be to pay for it. If you are interested in prepaying your funeral , please visit Guardian Plan to find out more information. Alternatively, you can compare costs between a prepaid funeral to funeral insurance using our quick 3 step online cost comparison calculator.

There are many benefits to prepaying for your funeral however some include protection against inflation and price increases, as well as avoiding any unnecessary spending by better understanding potential funeral costs.


Funeral pre-planning FAQS

Below are a few frequently asked questions we’ve answered. If you have any further questions or need further assistance, please contact us .

What is the difference between a pre-planned and pre-paid funeral?

The only difference between a pre-planned funeral and a pre-paid funeral is that a pre-planned funeral does not cover the cost and is a tool to help you outline your wishes. Prepaying means you have paid for your funeral in advance and locked in your wishes at today’s prices. Your family can upgrade if they like.

What is the first step to planning my funeral?

The first step is writing down some ideas on what you want for your funeral. You can use these ideas to discuss with a funeral director to give your wishes more structure.

How much does it cost to meet with a Funeral Director?

Free – there is no cost to meet with a Funeral Director. They’re there to help and guide you through the process of pre-planning your funeral.

What can I expect when I meet with a Funeral Director?

Funeral Directors can alleviate the burden of the unknown by guiding you through the planning process, explaining the services available and the costs involved.

How can I preserve my legacy of memories for future generations as part of my pre-planning?

You may wish to start by selecting some of your most treasured photos as well as creating a journal of memories. Use any social media accounts to select and curate with your family. Inviting your loved ones to help you build a legacy of treasured memories will be something they can treasure for years to come.

What if my wishes changes over time?

It’s normal that your tastes change over time so it’s best to review your wishes every couple of years. Make sure your family and friends know if your wishes have changed. If you have proceeded to secure your wishes with a prepaid funeral, please contact your Funeral Director for assistance.

Download your free Funeral Organiser today. 

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