Age pension and the assets test

The age you choose to retire at is a personal decision. Many factors may influence your decision – these include your career, financial security, lifestyle and family. When you do retire, you will want to access your superannuation or government Age Pension. 

While you may retire in your 50’s or even early 60’s, the Age Pension is only available when you are at least 65 years of age. You also need to be an Australian resident. There are a number of requirements that need to be met before you can submit your application with Department of Human Services.


Limits apply

When it comes to applying for the Age Pension, limits do apply on how much your assets can be worth before it affects the pension amount you receive. The type and value of any assets you own in and outside of Australia are included in an assets test. Assets covered in the assets test are:

  • Real estate
  • Granny flat
  • Retirement Village contributions
  • Life interests
  • Financial investments
  • Superannuation investments
  • Income streams
  • Business assets
  • Funeral investments
  • Assets given away
  • Other assets such as vehicles, boats, caravans, cryptocurrencies and personal items

More information on these are on the Department of Human Services website.


Prepaid funerals are excluded

The good news for those applying for the Age Pension is that many funeral investments are excluded from the asset test. 

Here are the details:

  • Cemetery plot – this is excluded no matter what the value is
  • Prepaid funeral costs - as long as you have a contract that says you’ve paid in full for your funeral
  • Funeral bonds – these have many conditions that apply so best to read more about these in detail on the Department of Human Services website.

If you are looking to preserve your pension entitlements, a prepaid funeral or purchasing a burial plot are two options available to you. Not only will it help with your assets test, this will free your family from future funeral costs.

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